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fabprefab is an information resource dedicated to investigating the market for affordable modernist factory-built residential architecture. The subject matter is limited in scope to single family dwellings. No homes are marketed or sold at Each listed project provides links to the relevant architect or vendor for enquiries regarding product availability and pricing.

fabprefab is published and edited by Michael Sylvester of Huntington Beach, California, USA. Michael works as a business consultant and holds an Architectural Science, B.Sc.(Arch.) degree from the University of Sydney (Australia) and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.

Michael speaks regularly on the business of residential prefab at professional and industry events as well as to Architecture students at various schools. Michael also provides media commentary on the modernist prefab market. fabprefab has been referenced in a wide range of consumer and trade media (and in numerous blogs). A few examples include...


Journalists and researchers are welcome to use the contactfab feedback form to request comments or an interview. If you are a journalist and have found fabprefab to be of value as a research resource, please consider mentioning fabprefab in your article or paper. Thank you.

Please also see our FAQ page. Suggestions and contributions are welcome. Please use a form at contactfab.

Thank you to all of the architects who so willingly share information with fabprefab.

In addition to the prefab community members who contribute to this resource, we would like to thank the following "friends of fabprefab" for lending support in various flavors and forms:
In no particular order: Merissa Walker, Steve Stukas (Japan Man), Jamie and Franco Bernal, John Mott, Kendra Reid, John and Linda Franklin, Dr. Garry Stevens, Mr Antony R. Mott, The Sylvester Clan, Charles Edwards, Brendan Jones, Melissa Murphy and Robert Sadleir. was a Yahoo! Pick of the Week on December 22, 2003

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