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Project 058 - Contained Mobility

We are following this project by Chrissie Beavis, a student at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. Chrissie is constructing a prototype for a container dwelling as part of her BA of Architecture. The prototype is currently under construction and should be completed in November 2003.

The project is under construction therefore in these images the structure is lacking a front door and windows.

Chrissie says: "The final product will be a home that is approx 250 sq.ft. It will be just as mobile as the standard shipping container (truck, train, ship). Any standard container can be turned into a home with this design. Thus it has the potential to possibly provide disaster relief housing while putting to use the surplus of containers in the world. It also has the potential to be used in many applications from an upscale guest house to migrant worker housing. The home can be extruded from the container in less than five minutes by one person, and has the option of being fully furnished (major appliances included)."

Extrusion process:  
Start by opening the standard front doors of the container.
Pull out a 8’x8’ room that rolls out on two tracks that fold out.
Open the second door that has been cut into the side of the container. It pivots off center about eight feet from the far end of the container and four feet on the other side. Thus leaving two openings in that side of the container. One functions as the entrance to the house.
Out of the other opening you pull another 8’x8’ room that rolls on tracks. The front door slides out from the remaining section of that side, and there is your home.

Update Feb 2004:
Chrissie forwarded some more images of her project in early 2004. Chrissie advises that Contained Mobility is still located in San Luis Obispo although she has moved to San Diego. She's hoping to start her own design/fabrication firm.

Chrissie is looking for suggestions or offers for a final home for the prototype and can be contacted at:

Update Sept 2004:

Chrissie has listed her structure for sale on eBay. Item number: 5521310960

Below are the images from the eBay listing. Photo credit: Francis Czerner