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modular, modernist... say what?


by Studio 804


A prototype for living.

In the Spring of 2004, studio804, a graduate level design/build studio at the Univeristy of Kansas produced a modular housing prototype under the direction of architect Dan Rockhill. The house is composed of five self-contained, modular units - living room, kitchen, bath/utility, bedroon and a bedroom/study - that can beconfigured to a variety of personal preferences and site locations.
1. Living room 2. Kitchen 3. Bath/Utility 4. Bedroom 5. Bedroom Study
Construction progress: early framing
All five modular units. Bedroom/Study Unit.
Construction progress: interior finishes

Interior work.

Aluminum Doors are fabricated. Painting.
Construction progress: exterior finishes
Exterior work. Siding is installed.
Construction progress: moving day
Modular units are separated. Units are transported to the site.


Construction progress: on-site work
Modular units are joined. Pouring the driveway.
See external images of the completed project here.
Further images of the completed project are available here.

Thank you to the people at Studio 804 for providing this information. In particular thanks to Dan Rockhill and David Parks.

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