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Open Architecture System

oa.sys (Open Architecture System) is a collaboration between the progressive Austrian architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann and the modern timber construction company Berlinger Holzbau, based in Vorarlberg, Austria.

The original oa.sys web site is in German. Here we present, exclusively for fabprefab readers, a translation into English of the German language site. In a few places we have inserted comments which are not present on the original site. These comments are [formatted in brackets thus]. We welcome any critique or suggestions from readers with German and English fluency.

Also please note: The vendor of OA-SYS, Berlinger Holzbau (not Oskar Leo Kaufmann) is currently unable to respond to individual requests regarding one-off structures in North America and other English speaking markets. The vendor is examining opportunities for launching the system in wider markets and is able to respond to parties with credible interest in helping to commercialize OA-SYS in North America.

Index: The System | Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3 | General technical information | Sanitation | Section details

Credits: fabprefab would like to extend a grateful thank you to Christiane Dechert, Susanne Linder and Fabian Muir for their translation assistance.
Also we would like to thank Architect Gregory La Vardera for his kind assistance with technical detail interpretation (his web site is
Special thanks also go to Martin J Rempel for his expert guidance.

Copyright notice: Translation copyright © 2003 Sandor Pty Ltd. Copyright in all images presented in this section is retained by their respective owners. The images are provided here for educational purposes only.

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