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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I buy a house from fabprefab?
  A. You can't. The fabprefab web site does not market or sell any prefabricated dwellings. fabprefab is an information resource. Each listed project provides links to the relevant architect or vendor for enquiries regarding product availability.
Q. Can you please send me more information on the 2 bedroom house?
  A. All product questions should be directed to the relevant vendor. Each listed project provides links to the relevant architect or vendor for enquiries regarding product availability, pricing etc

Q. Which house should I buy? Can you tell me if there is an architect in my area?

  A. Unfortunately we cannot respond to individual requests for assistance in researching a purchase. We do not run a referral or advice business. The fabprefab web site is a non-commercial information resource. If you have any questions about projects listed at fabprefab please direct them to the relevent vendor via the web links provided with each project listing. Also general discussion topics appear in the fabchat area.
Q. Can I be a distributor of your products in my country/region?
  A. We don't have any products, so there is nothing to distribute. Please contact the relevant vendor/architect.
Q. Who publishes fabprefab?
  A. Please see the About page.

Q. I signed up for fabprefab newsletters but I haven't received anything. What's happening?


A. There can be several reasons for this:

1. Your Spam Blocker is blocking the fabprefab newsletters.
fabprefab e-newsletter notifications are sometimes misidentified as spam and blocked by spam blockers (such as those used by Mindspring and Earthlink). We send our updates from this email address You might need to add this address to your list of acceptable senders in order for the messages to get past your spam blocker.

2. Incorrect email address.
Typing mistakes are common when filling out the e-newsletter subscription form. You might know your email address, but if your fingers type the wrong keys (or more likely just a single incorrect key) then emails will never find you. Try signing up again after reading the other possible explanations below.

3. Your Mailbox is full.
If you are using one of the free email services that have low mailbox size limits, such as basic services from Hotmail or Yahoo! then your Inbox may have been full when we sent the update. We get plenty of bounce-backs with "mailbox full" notification.

4. Account sharing.
Do you share your email account with a spouse or other family member? Sometimes one party will subscribe and then another party (sharing the same account) will unsubscribe not realizing the newsletter was requested by the first party. It's Kramer vs Kramer email...

5. Internet gremlins/routing problems.
Sometimes we get returned-mail errors with a page of Internet technical jibberish. Somewhere near you the plumbing is/was broken.

6. Other silly reasons.
Some people type their street address into the email address field - we get a few of these every week. To the best of our knowledge this method has never worked.


Q. What is the fabprefab Privacy Policy?

  A. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.
Q. Why isn't project "xyz" listed here?
  A. Please let us know if we have omitted a project and where you think it would belong on this site. Most prefab projects should qualify for listing in one of our four sections: fablist, fabzone, containerbay or otherfab.


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