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UP CLOSE: Prefab Dreaming?
Presented on Thursday 12th February 2004, by KCAL 9 News Los Angeles
Producer: Kimberly Mackie, Presenter: Mia Lee, Editor: Karlo Gharabeglan,
Photographer: David Crenshaw, Scott Mackie.

On Feb 12, 2004, KCAL 9 Los Angeles ran a 3.5 minute segment during the 10pm TV news titled Prefab Dreaming? The piece included an interview with Jennifer Siegal, a visit to a modular home manufacturer’s factory, a very brief appearance by fabprefab editor Michael Sylvester and images of several prefab projects.

Watch the KCAL prefab segment.
Requires Quicktime Player. Free download.

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Cable/DSL (256kbps)
LAN (1.5Mbps)

Media streaming generously provided by LiveModern.


The KCAL 9 segment presented images from a range of prefab projects which we outline below. Most of these projects are modular homes. Modular homes usually differ from mobile or manufactured homes in terms of the building codes they adhere to and the types of land on which they can be located.


Project name: portable house
Architect: Jennifer Siegal/Office for Mobile Design
Marketing partner: Mod-Eco
fabprefab listing: fabzone


Project name: LV Home
Architect: Rocio Romero
Marketing partner: LiveModern
fabprefab listing: fablist

  Project name: Modulome
Architect: Not to Scale
fabprefab listing: fabzone

Project name: Greenbelt 2
Architect: Ralph Rapson
Marketer: Wieler Homes
fabprefab listing: fabzone

  Project name: Royal Q series
Architect: Kohn Shnier Architects
Marketer: Royal Homes
fabprefab listing: fablist


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