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newsletter 11
October 27 2005

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1. Feature.
Marmol Radziner Prefab
  Marmol Radziner Prefab recently unveiled their new Steel Home prefab line including a completed prototype in Desert Hot Springs, CA. We have some pictures and an interview on the Marmol Radziner Prefab status page.

2. Recent additions. The following projects have been added since our last newsletter.

  Marmol Radziner Prefab (as above) has been added to the fablist.
  The Dwell Homes by Empyrean were recently announced. You can learn more by following the Empyrean links we have added to the existing fablist entries for Resolution: 4 Architecure and Lazor Office. We also added Joel Turkel's Empyrean NextHouse (pictured at left) to the fabzone.
  The BlueSky Mod retreat vacation home from Canada is now in the fabzone
  The kitHAUS modular system was recently added to the fabzone.
  The Take Home by Jennifer Siegal's Office of Mobile Design is in the fabzone.
  Modern Shed by Grey Design studio was added to the fabzone.
  We added several projects from Europe recently. Although these products are new to fabprefab some of them have been in the market for several years. One example is fablist entry Huf Haus.
  Micro Compact Home from Austria is being used in a student housing project in Munich.
  U.M.A. Haus from Vienna, Austriais a modular system in the fablist.
  Espace mobile is a modular product from Mondsee, Austria now in the fablist.
  We recently listed a student project Modular Habitat by MarieYates at Lewandowska Architects.
  We added spacebox to the fablist recently. This product has been around for some time. We previously considered this to be multi-family which is beyond the scope of fabprefab, but we realized that each module is a self-contained unit and so can be used as a stand alone dwelling if need be.
  Otherfab now includes Sybarite's conceptual Tree House project.
3. Recent updates and announcements. The following projects have been updated since our last newsletter.

Resolution:4 Architecture have completed their Mountain Retreat project and have several more modular homes in various stages of completion, including projects in Hawaii and San Diego with Empyrean International.

  Michelle Kaufmann Designs recently showed a Glidehouse model home at the Vancouver Home Show. 50,000 attendees saw the home.
  Northern Steel have launched an EcoContempo line featuring a range of Greg La Vardera's designs
  The University of Colorado won the 2005 Solar Decathlon recently held in Washington DC. Various modes of prefabrication were used to get the structures delivered and assembled at the National Mall in Washington DC. See photo gallery of the homes. (Rhode Island School of Design entry shown at left).
If you are interested in learning about prefab or modernist architecture, we have updated our infosource page to include some more books.

4. Recent news items.

  • The launch of The Dwell Homes by Empyrean was covered by numerous news outlets.
    Here is a Press Release via Yahoo Finance
  • The New Yorker recently ran Some Assembly Required featuring Rocio Romero .
  • The New York Times had a bried prefab roundup Home Delivery
  • The Montreal Gazette covered prefab at the Montreal Home & Trends Show in Prefab With Flair
  • EDP24 looked at the Huf Haus in The house that was built in four days
  • Evening Times Online reports on sturdy flatpack homes shipped from Sweden to the UK in 1945.
  • IKEA is building 100 BoKlok houses in Glasgow. This story was covered in a range of media.Most of the stories are now archived (does anyone actually pay to read archived newspaper pieces?). Here is a reference to the story at TreeHugger.
  • Same idea for Edinburgh.
  • In something akin to Prefab equivalent of Man Bites Dog: The Local in Sweden reports that a man recovered his stolen house.
  • The International Herald Tribune had a story on the Futuro house.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald looked at Container structures in Contain Yourself.

5. Upcoming events.


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