(not so) Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I signed up for fabprefab e-newsletter notification, yet I have not received emails. What's happening?
A. You will not immediately receive a newsletter - you will receive notification of the next newsletter...
Also you might not receive emails at all. There can be several reasons for this.
1. Incorrect email address.
Mistakes are common when filling out the e-newsletter subscription form. You might know your email address, but if your fingers type the wrong keys (or more likely just a single incorrect key) then emails will never find you. Try signing up again (after reading the other possible explanations below).
2. Spam blocker.
fabprefab e-newsletter notifications are sometimes blocked by spam blockers (such as those used by Mindspring and Earthlink). We send these updates from this email address fabnews@fabprefab.com You might need to add this address to your list of acceptable senders.
3. Mailbox is full.
If you are using one of the free email services that have low mailbox size limits (such as basic services from Hotmail or Yahoo!) then your Inbox may have been full when we sent the update (we get plenty of bounce-backs with "mailbox full" notification).
4. Account sharing.
Do you share your email account with a spouse or other family member? Sometimes one party will subscribe and then another party (sharing the same account) will unsubscribe not realizing the newsletter was requested by the first party. It's Kramer vs Kramer email...
5. Internet gremlins/routing problems.
Sometimes we get returned-mail errors with a page of Internet technical jibberish. Somewhere near you the plumbing is/was broken.
6. Other silly reasons.
Some people type their street address into the email address field - we get a few of these every week. To the best of our knowledge this method has never worked.

Q. What is the fabprefab Privacy Policy?
A. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Q. There are some good books on prefab so what is the purpose of this site?
A. Yes there are some good books on prefab and it would be somewhat pointless to simply reproduce the content of a book online. The web offers the opportunity to include projects not featured in books, to monitor marketplace activities on an ongoing basis and to include discussion forums involving multiple stakeholders on a range of topics.

Q. Who is the intended audience of this site?

A. This site is primarily aimed at a non-technical reader who appreciates modernist design and is looking for dwelling options beyond those available in the mainstream marketplace. Over time we hope the site will evolve as a resource for a range of marketplace participants.

Q. Why isn't project "xyz" listed here?
A. Please let us know if we have omitted a project and where you think it would belong on this site. Most prefab projects should qualify for listing in one of our four sections: fablist, fabzone, containerbay and otherfab.

Q. Who is fabprefab?
fabprefab is published and edited by Michael Sylvester of Huntington Beach, California, USA.
Michael holds an Architectural Science, B.Sc.(Arch.) degree from the University of Sydney and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. When not photographing architecture, or wandering around visiting architect's offices, Michael can often be found nerding on the Internet.

Suggestions and contributions are welcome. Submit here.

In addition to the prefab community members who contribute to this resource, we would like to thank the following "friends of fabprefab" for lending support in various flavors and forms:
In no particular order: Merissa Walker, Steve Stukas (Japan Man), Jamie and Franco Bernal, John Mott, Kendra Reid, John and Linda Franklin, Dr. Garry Stevens, Mr Antony R. Mott, The Sylvester Clan, Charles Edwards, Brendan Jones, Melissa Murphy and Robert Sadleir.